Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ce-am mai vazut

pai am vazut 2 filme:
Life of Brian, FOARTE tare (chiar si pt cineva ca mine, care gets easily offended de umor legat de religie)
si Chicken Little, noul desen Disney, pretty cheesy, dar cute.. na, I simply love desene animate, basically indiferent cat de lame they get :) si am mancat popcorn cu tonele, chiar daca m-am bagat la cura de slabire.. cica ;) (blushing)

apropos de Life of Brian, are un cantec de generic superfunny, si generally speaking, f misto facut inceputul. and it goes like this:

"Brian. The babe they called 'Brian',

He grew,... grew, grew, and grew--
Grew up to be-- grew up to be
A boy called 'Brian'--
A boy called 'Brian'.
He had arms... and legs... and hands... and feet,
This boy... whose name was 'Brian',
And he grew,... grew, grew, and grew--
Grew up to be--

Yes, he grew up to be
A teenager called 'Brian'--
A teenager called 'Brian',
And his face became spotty.
Yes, his face became spotty,
And his voice dropped down low
And things started to grow
On young Brian and show
He was certainly no--
No girl named 'Brian',
Not a girl named 'Brian'.

And he started to shave
And have one off the wrist
And want to see girls
And go out and get pissed,
A man called 'Brian'--
This man called 'Brian'--
The man they called 'Brian'--
This man called 'Brian'!"

... mda :))) cam asa e tot filmul :P


skandalouz said...

vreau si eu life of brian daca l-ai vazut pe calc si nu cumva ai fost la cinema.

zuza said...

nope, vazut la mtx :)

cristina said...

Always look on the briiiight siiide of life... :)
recomand si MP in The Quest forThe Holy Grail si The Meaning of Life, in caz ca nu le-ai vazut.
Ala cu Holy Grail a fost facut si varianta de joc pe calc (prin 95) pe care l-am jucat and I laughed my ass off.

zuza said...

Quest for the holy grail am vazut acum niste ani, abia astept sa-l termin de luat de pe dc sa-l revad ;) o sa le caut pe toate..

si o sa caut si jocul, now that you mention it, habar n-aveam ca exista asa ceva. thanks! :)